Travel essentials: the packing list

What to Pack for your travels

When you are planning your trip abroad one of the most fun things to do is packing your bag. Weeks before my trip i start thinking about what to take on my travels and what things stay at home. Here you find my what to pack list.

The usual stuff

I try not to take to much clothes so i only take 1 jeans, 2-3 other pants (usually shorts and thin pants), 7-8 shirts, 7 days of clean underwear. For a jacket i always bring at least one outdoor vest. For shoewear: i have good walking shoes that are very comfortable plus i always take flipflops and sometimes sandals (depending on where i’m going).
My suggestion: invest in a good outdoor jacket (one you can use in all weather conditions) and good walking shoes! Get the Best Outdoor Gear here!

As you can read i don’t pack a lot of clothes and shoes because i don’t want to carry to much weight with me. Another reason why i try not to take to much luggage with me: if you travel by plane frequently it is cheaper with just handluggage.

Personal hygiene + your own pharmacie

Don’t take large bottles of shampoo, showergel, laundry detergent (and whatever you want to bring) but buy either small packages or a travel bag with empty bottles you can fill. Make sure the bottles are not more than 100ml in case you’re traveling with just handluggage. Other things i always pack: dry wash cloths, wipes, handgel. All these things i can fit in two 1 liter bags. One more of those (1L bag) i fill with bandaids, paracetamol, immodium, antibioticum creme (or some other creme you can use in case of inflamation).

Small items

Small but useful items i always take with me traveling are locks, s-shaped hooks, collapsable backpack (10-15 liter), knitting bag (with needles/yarn and scissors), earplugs, small mirror, pens, pocket notebook and usb sticks. All very helpful items during your travels and they don’t take up to much space!