Useful Apps for Traveling

Useful Apps for Traveling

Nowadays apps are as normal as brushing your teeth. When traveling it can be a good idea to use certain apps to make your trip a whole lot easier. Here you can find the most useful apps for traveling!

Map App: Map.Me

I used to travel around without any app’s on my phone but several years ago i decided to start using a Map App called Map.Me. I’m a very happy user, i can tell you that! It makes traveling a lot easier and it made me more confident i can find my way. Especially in Asia, where people will send you in the wrong direction if they don’t understand what your asking, i found this app the best way of staying in control.

Valuta App

Always a good idea is to use a Valuta App, there are many different ones. I’m using a free valuta app by FiveTaps Ltd but you have a lot more. Why do i use a valuta App? Mostly to not get scammed out of my money. Always keep control over your own cash. Especially helpful if you go souvenir shopping and you want to bargain for a good price. Or if you take a taxi and you want to make sure that the taxidriver is not asking to much money. Just download your Valuta App!

Booking App

I use the booking app of so i can pretty much book my stay anywhere. All i need is WiFi!
I’m a big fan of because 9 out of 10 times they offer the lowest prices for a certain accommodation but there are many more booking apps like Agoda and Hostelworld.

Flight searching App

With app’s like SkyScanner you can easily find the cheapest flight. You just need WiFi! The best thing about SkyScanner is that you can find any flight there is and that fits you the best.