New York

Top 10 Places to visit in New York

I bet New York is on your list of places you would like to visit some day. Here you find the Top 10 with extra tips to make your visit worth while!
One of my suggestions is: Buy a Explorer Pass! There are other passes like the city pass and the New York pass but i think with the Explorer Pass you get the most value for your money (Just for New York)! With this pass you can choose the number of attractions (2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10) and with the other passes you choose the number of days. Just keep in mind: New York is so big and with waiting time at the different attractions you can only visit 3 attractions (maybe 4 if you plan things right and everything goes according to plan)!

Statue of Liberty

This iconic statue is not to be missed and probably one of the first places you’ll go to while in Manhatten. The easiest way to get there is to buy a ticket for the ferry (this ticket always includes a visit to Ellis Island) for only $18. You can take a audiotour around the island, this is free of charge. If you want to go inside the Statue of Liberty you need to book in advance (and it’s going to cost you big time)!
If you just want to see the Statue of Liberty but you don’t necessarily want to go to the island you can also take the ferry to Staten Island. The best part of this option: the ferry is FREE!

Ellis Island

The ferryticket ($18 or FREE with the Explorer Pass) you buy for the Statue of Liberty is also valid for the ferry to Ellis Island. On the island there is a museum about the history of the island and in a way of New York. It is very interesting to visit this museum even if you’re not that into history. You can also walk around the

Empire State Building

For one of the best views of Manhatten you should definitly go to the Empire State Building. If you don’t want to wait in line for too long don’t go on saturday or sunday and after 6 pm! It can get pretty busy not just going up to the top but also when you’re finally on the top floor. If you want to be able to turn your butt without bumping into people again don’t go on the weekends and/or after 6 pm! The entrance fee is $34 but if you have a Explorer, City or New York pass the entrance is free.

Top of the Rock

Another great place to see Manhatten from above is Top of the Rock in the Rockefeller Building. Just like the Empire State Building it is better not to go to Top of The Rock after 6pm or on saturday or sunday, it will be very busy. The entrance fee is $34 but with the Explorer Pass (or New York or City Pass) it is free!

Grand Central Terminal

One of the most iconic buildings in New York and of course one place you need to visit: Grand Central Terminal. This was one of my favorite places to go when visiting New York. For only $9 you can go on a audiotour, a fun way to explore Grand Central. You get a lot of information about the history of the building and it only takes about an hour of your time! The audiotour is free of charge if you have the New York Pass.

The Ride

One of the best and most entertaining bustour in New York City! The Ride is a 90 minute through Downtown Manhatten. Along the way you see several people performing on the street and in the bus there are 2 comedians talking about what they see. It’s a fun experience and well worth your money.
My suggestion: Buy a Explorer Pass (2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 attractions, the Ride is included in this Pass) otherwise you pay $55!

Central Park

Can’t be missing on your list of the places you would like to visit in New York. The best way to explore Central Park is by bike! There are many places you can rent a bike, either half a day or a full day. Prices start from $30. The best thing is to buy a Explorer Pass (2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 attractions, Bike rental for Central Park is included in this Pass). You can go explore the surroundings of Central Park by bike too!

The Met Cloisters

One of my favorite museums in New York. It lies in the north of Manhatten (in Harlem) in a very quite but beautiful area! The museum is build in medieval architectual style and the objects of art are from medieval periods! The entrance fee is $25 but if you have a Explorer, New York or City Pass you have free entrance!

The Yankees

How can the Yankees be missing on your list! You don’t even have to be baseball or even sports fan to visit the stadium. There are tours around the stadium for $25 (It’s free if you have a Explorer, New York or City Pass) but my favorite is visiting a baseball game. It’s not that expensive, i only paid $28 for my ticket but if you don’t have a preference for seating the tickets can be as low as $20!

Highline Park

I can’t really call this a park, it’s a small path that used to be a train track. That being said it’s worth visiting the Highline Park. There are great views and you feel far from the hustle and bustle of Manhatten when walking on this track!

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