Top 10 Places to visit in Chicago

Probably not as appealing to many people as let’s say New York but Chicago is more fun then you might think. Especially in the summer there is a lot to do in the city with free music performances and festivals!

  • Are you going to visit several museums? You may be able to save money by purchasing a City Pass or Explorer Pass
  • The easiest way of traveling around the city is by subway. You can buy a pass for one day ($12) or 7 days ($28) plus you have to pay for the card, this is $5 but you can get this back by calling the number on the pass itself!
  • Book your stay in Chicago from $25 per night!

Millenium Park

This is the biggest park in Downtown Chicago and a very nice park to relax. You can visit Crown Fountain, Jay Pritzker Pavillion and Cloud Gate. There is also a restaurant in the park and of course a lot of places to relax, read, watch people or just hang out!

Jay Pritzker Pavillion

Located in Millenium Park, Jay Pritzker Pavillion is an open theatre. They have a very interesting program every summer with free music/band performances, foodfestivals and much more.

Cloud Gate

You can find this piece of art in Millenium Park, near the Crown Fountain. It is supposed to show the Chicago Skyline in an upside down image. Cloud Gate is a very popular place to visit in Chicago, so it can’t be missing on your list!

Cultural Centre

On the top floor of the cultural centre there is a glass dome made of tiffany glass. Best of all, the entrance to the cultural centre is free!

Navy Pier

This is the most famous pier in Chicago. It is not very big but it is a fun place to visit. The entrance is free and you can take a trolley from Downtown Chicago to the pier, also for FREE!

Chicago History Museum

If you want to know more about the history of Chicago then you should go to the Chicago History Museum. It is a very big (like huge) museum with different levels but it is a very informative and well put together museum. At least one of my favorite city museums! The entrance fee is $16 but if you have a City or Explorer Pass you don’t pay anything!

Chicago Water Tower

One of the only few buildings before the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871 is the Chicago Water Tower. You can actually go inside the tower, it only takes a few minutes to look around because it’s not big at all but if you’re near the tower you should go and have a look! And of course the entrance is free!

Signature Lounge

The Signature Lounge is located in the John Hancock Building from where you have great views on Chicago and Lake Michigan. The best way to enjoy the view is to order a drink in the Signature Lounge, it is a little bit more expensive then an usual bar but i guess you pay for the view as well. There is also a restaurant but don’t eat here if you’re traveling on a budget!

Willis Tower

Another great place to enjoy the views of Chicago is the Willis Tower. Entrance is normally $23 but if you have a City or Explorer Pass it is free.

Field Museum of Natural History

Probably most famous for the tyrannosaurus named Sue. The entrance fee is $35. If you have a City or Explorer Pass you don’t pay extra!