The 5 best Rafting Spots in Europe

Are you a rafting enthusiast and looking for new rafting spots? Then this article is for you! Here you will find the 5 best rafting spots in Europe

1. Una river, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located between Bosnia and Croatia, this river is one of the best rafting spots in Europe! The starting point for this rafting experience is the Strbacki Buk waterfalls. The first waterfall is about 18 metres, don’t worry you won’t be going off this one! The rafting guides might give away a show by jumping off it though. After this waterfall you will get in the rafting boat and pass a 6 metre high waterfall. It is a smooth ride from here for about 4 km.

2. Tara river, Montenegro

The Tara river has second largest gorge of the world and is one of the best rafting rivers of Europe. Rafting on the Tara means 18km of river with 21 rapids. You will see waterfalls along the way and the water is so clean you can actually drink it!

3. Soca river, Slovenia

The Soca river in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful rivers in Southeast Europe. The water of the river is so clear that it looks light blue! There are a few rafting options, for every person, from beginner to the more experienced people! The length of the rafting trips range from 3km to 20km!

4. Sjoa, Norway

One of the best rafting spots in Norway is the Sjoa river next to the town of Heidal! It is a magical place where you can do more than just rafting. It is possible to go canyoning and riverboarding, just depending on what you like.

5. Interlaken, Switzerland

In Interlaken there are 2 rafting spots, the Lutschine and the Simme river. The Lutschine river is for the adventure seekers, it has multiple rapids and you can go rafting every day on this river. The Simme river is more suitable for families and kids, so if you are looking for a fun activity for the whole family, go rafting on the Simme river!

Have you ever taken a rafting trip on one of these rivers? Let me know which one(s) and what your experience was!