Low Budget Travel

low budget travel – How to Travel the World on a budget?

Who doesn’t want to travel the world on a budget and still visit all the places on your travellist? Well, it’s possible! It sometimes requires a lot of planning and that’s something not everyone likes but if you really want to travel on a (low)budget you can do it. Here are some useful tips i use myself!

Go volunteering

Volunteering is the best way to save money. And not just that: you’ll learn more about the local culture if you volunteer! One great website to use is Workaway.info. You can find all kinds of projects all around the world.


Taking care of other peoples houses or pets while they’re away is great way of saving money while traveling. You might be able to find something through Workaway or Housecarers.com.

Stay in Hostels

For cheap accommodations stay in hostels! Everywhere in the world you find them and they are a good place to meet fellow travelers. Hostels are cheaper than hotels especially if you’re willing to share a room and bathroom!

Or go couchsurfing

The best thing about couchsurfing is that you can meet local people while staying at their home. Some people might even show you around the city, town or region!

Don’t take to many tours

But rather go on your own. Well not totally on your own. If you really want to save money find some people (a good place is a hostel) and share a ride to wherever you want to go. This is usually cheaper than traveling alone or taking a tour.

Don’t go out to eat to often

Make your own meals! This is especially a money saver in Europe, Northern America and pretty much every expensive country. Or buy ready-to-eat meals you find in supermarkets.

Buy a public transport card

And save money! In (most) big cities you’ll have a fixed price for public transport if you spend several days in that city. It’s a great way of sightseeing, getting to know the city and save money at the same time!
Not just cities have the kind of public transport cards but most countries offer one card like that too. For traveling in Europe by train there’s the Eurail Pass.

Buy a museum/attraction card

If you ever go to the Netherlands and you like to visit multiple museums then you should buy a museum card. This card is about €60/$65 and you get free entrance to over 400 museums. You can buy it at every museum that is participating with the museum card. In the USA (Las Vegas, Florida, New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.) you can either buy an Explorer or City Pass and in New York there is also the New York Pass.
In other countries you might be able to find a pass for museums and other attractions to save money!