Traveling with Handlugage

Lightweight Travel – Traveling with only Hand Luggage

Some people are crazy about lightweight travel, some might not know how to do that. That’s why I’ll give you a few tips on basic packing for your travels. Whether you go for one week or 6 months in principle you’ll need the same amount of stuff.

Find the right Backpack

When traveling you’ll see a lot of backpackers with huge bags struggling to carry all there luggage. One thing I’ve learned, and maybe it’s a bit of a cliché, is the bigger the backpack the easier it is to bring more. That’s why the best backpacks for lightweight traveling are somewhere between 28 and 42 liters. You can take all the things you need and less of the things you don’t really need!

Clothing & Shoes

Your clothes and shoes are taking up most of the space in your bag. There are a few thing you can keep an eye on, for example I only take walking shoes, flipflops and sandals, one jacket, one thin vest, several shirts and a few pants that don’t weigh to much!

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Shower stuff

One other big part of your luggage is going to be your shower/bath and personal hygiene products. I use:

  • Throwaway washcloths
  • Shower gel (either empty bottle or small package)
  • Insect repellent (if I happen to have some left I’ll fill one small empty bottle)
  • Liquid laundry detergent (one you can also use in cold water)
  • Shampoo Bar (useful for traveling and most importantly the bars last way longer than the liquid version. I’ve had my first shampoo bar for years!).
  • Handgel (small package)
  • Wet wipes for the face and hands (again small package)

These are the basic products I always bring on my trip. Since I try to travel with just hand lugage I put all the liquids in an 1L  travel. The other stuff I put in another 1L bag or small a small toiletry bag.

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