Travel Safe

How to Travel Safe around the Globe

The most important thing about traveling is feeling safe. I know that most of the time there is nothing you can do or could have done but with some of these tips on how to travel safe you can minimize the risk!

Travel Insurance

When you plan any trip it is a good idea to take a travel insurance, even if you’re going away for just a few days. When searching for a good travel insurance make sure you get one with cancellation insurance (Most travel insurances include a cancellation insurance). Another thing to look for: planning a trip longer than 6 months? Check the insurance policy, some insurance agencies have a 180 day rule in their policy. Find reviews on different Travel Insurances here!

Make Copies

One of the things I do before leaving on my trip is making copies of my passport, my debetcard, creditcard and health insurance card. When i’m traveling with someone else I give one set of copies to my travel buddy.

Other tips for safe travels

  • Make a list with phone numbers (for expample numbers of people at home and numbers of embassies).
  • Use the lockers in hotels and hostels (don’t leave your important luggage lying around in your room).
  • Spread your money over your luggage (don’t put all your money in the same place).
  • Don’t bring to much electronic devices on your trip.
  • Very important: respect the culture of the country you are in (you’re most likely to get the help you need if you don’t offend the local people)
  • This one is a cliche but a very good indicator something is not right: Listen to your own gut, do you have a strange (not so good) feeling? Get away from that situation!

Stay Healthy

Trying Local food is one way of exploring the culture but in most countries hygiene is lacking. A good indicator is of course the majority of people eating at the place. Another thing to pay attention to is how the meat is prepared, if not prepared like it should meat can make you really sick (personally I’m more afraid of eating bad meat then eating funky milk or cheese). The same goes for raw vegetables, the best thing is to eat cooked, baked or boiled vegetables!

If in any event you end up with food poisoning, drink lots of water preferably with sugar and salt in it. You can buy sacks of ORS at your local pharmacie (definitely buy those before starting your journey). Food poisoning usually ends within a day. If it takes to long for you to feel better or you get a fever, always go to the doctor!