Packing your Travelbag

How to Pack your Travelbag

Packing your travelbag is an important part of the beginning of your travels. What do you bring with you? And how do you pack as efficient as possible so you can take as much with you as you like?

Backpack shopping

First of all you need a good backpack (or suitcase, your choice). My best tip is: buy a backpack that’s not to big, so not more then 45 Liters. You can always bring a daypack of 15 liters with you as extra luggage. The best thing about a bacpack not more then 45 liters is that you can usually (depending on the lenght of the bag) use it as handluggage when you take a flight. I have a bag called Stone Duffel 42 by Black Diamond. It’s a duffelbag (42L) you can use as a backpack and because it’s a duffelbag you don’t lose space if you pack it efficiently.

Packing cubes

I’m a fan of packing cubes. You can buy them in all forms and sizes but the best thing is to have them in 2 or 3 different sizes (starting from 1 liter). I use a small one (1 liter) for all my underwear (socks/bra etc.). I take with me what fits in the packing cube. I use 2 bigger packing cubes (5 liters) for my shirts, again everyting that fits goes with me! For my pants i use one 5 liter packing cube (i only bring one jeans on my travels, the other 2 or 3 pants are shorts or very thin pants that are easy to roll up and fit in a 5 liter cube). Roll up all the clothes and underwear to create a efficiently packed travelbag!

If you don’t have packing cubes you can also use refrigerator bags. You can find these plastic bags in the household item section in every supermarket!

A Last reminder packing your travelbag

Of course you would like to take a lot of stuff with you when you travel. Who knows maybe you’ll need it on your travels but think about all the weight you have to carry. The less weight you have to carry with you the easier it is to travel!