Cheap Flights

How to book Cheap Flights

Traveling is already expensive enough so finding cheap flights is a must for everyone! Here you find some tips i use when looking for cheap flights!

Use Google Flights

The beauty of google flights is how much you can do with it. You can search flights from/to more then 1 departure and arrival airports. Just fill in the airportcodes and place a comma between every code you use. If you click on the map you can see different routes with the cheapest prices. And the best part of google flights is if you click on the date you can see all the prices for 2 months straight. This is very helpful to make a decision.

Extra Tips & Tricks

    • While searching for flights don’t just fill in the nearest departure and arrival airport but also search for airports close by!
    • Be flexibel with the dates! Sometimes even 3 days earlier or later then your preferred departure date can make all the difference when looking for cheap flights!
    • Research how much a flight to your destination usually cost.
    • Don’t book your flights the first day you’re looking for one! The best thing is to watch it every day or every few days over a period of time (4 to 6 weeks). Prices change everyday.
    • Usually the flights in the middle of the week are the cheapest
    • Only bring handluggage with you! There are a lot of budget airlines with cheap flights on popular routes but they charge extra for checked-in bags.
    • Booking return tickets are not always cheaper. Sometimes two seperate tickets are cheaper. Do the research!
    • Direct flights are usually the most expensive so choose a flight with 1 stop (or 2) along the way.
    • If you have to pay extra for a seat or a meal think about if you feel like it’s important. For me the seat is, i always pay extra for a seat reservation. Depending if the price is right (or not) i’ll pay extra for the meal. If the price of the ticket is within my budget i always pay extra for a meal, otherwise i’ll buy some food outside the airport and take that with me.
    • Last but not least: Set a budget. Just think of a realistic price (that’s why researching prices is a good idea) and  one you’re comfortable with.