Electronic devices

Electronic Devices on your Travels: What to Bring?

Electronic devices are almost essential goods nowadays wether you’re traveling or at home, you’ll likely have lots of them. But when you’re traveling it’s not ideal to bring too much with you because of the weight but also for your own safety!


If you want to bring your laptop no matter what, it’s better to bring one not bigger than 14″. Especially if you’re backpacking a 15,6″ or 17″ laptop is just too big for your travels. I myself have a 14″, it’s small enough for traveling and big enough to use at home too.


You likely make lots of pictures with your phone but a camera is still one electronic device you can’t live without on your travels. Camera’s just make better pictures so it would be good to invest in a quality camera. Brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic have good quality travel camera’s which you can use for many years. I bought the Canon Powershot SX730 HS a while back, a solid camera for every trip!


For the reading fanatics among us an e-reader is indispensable. This allows you to travel with less luggage but you’re still able to enjoy reading without actually bringing books. One e-reader I would recommend: the Kobo Glo HD! Not too expensive and after 2,5 years of usage it’s still working like it should. One advantage to this e-reader in comparison to a Kindle: you can download books and put them on the Kobo Glo HD without any problem.


When you’re traveling you won’t always be able to charge all your devices. That’s why I always bring a powerbank, one that has more than 10.000Mh. You can probably charge your phone 4 times with a powerbank like this. You can even charge other devices like an iPod, camera or e-reader with a powerbank.

There are other useful electronic accessoires you can take with you on every trip:
1. Charger with multiple USB-outlets
2. A Flash Drive with at least 128GB