Emeral Pool, Krabi

The best of Thailand – 6 Places to visit near Krabi

Krabi is a hub in the south of Thailand. From this city you can visit the islands in the Andaman Sea like Ko Lanta (Also reachable by road) and Ko Phi Phi but Krabi has more to offer. Find out the 6 places to visit near Krabi! Fly to Thailand from $392!

1. The Hotspring

One of the most beautiful spots i visited while in Krabi was a trip to the hotsprings about an hour outside Krabi (on the way to Ko Lanta). The hotspring has different plateaus and the water is always about 42 degrees Celcius!
A tour to this tourist site is usually combined with a visit to the Emerald Pool and/or the Tiger Cave Temple and will cost about €25!

2. Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

These two natural pools are located near Krabi and you can combine a trip to this spot with the hotsprings. The Emerald Pool and Blue Pool are only 800 metres from each other. The Emerald Pool is the first of the two pools you will see and most tourist won’t walk further to the Blue Pool. This is a shame, the Blue Pool is just as beautiful and it’s only a 10 minute walk from the Emerald Pool!

3. Ao Nang

For a day at the beach Ao Nang is the place to be! It’s located a few kilometres away from Krabi Town. Ao Nang is a nice beach but can get crowded with tourists. If you want to get more adventurous you can visit Railay Beach, only reachable by kayak or longtail boat from Ao Nang.

4. Bor Thor

Looking for an active daytrip near Krabi? Go kayaking at Bor Thor! This place is about een hour north of Krabi and definitely worth visiting. It’s better to start early because by 10AM there will be a lot of tourists already. There are 4 spots to visit, one of which is a cave with prehistoric drawings on the walls. A daytour to Bor Thor and the Crystal Stream will cost you around €32.

5. Crystal Stream

A very suitable name for this stream (Tha Pom Khlong Nam) because the water is crystal clear! It is a good place to wander around (there is a boardwalk), swim and just relax!

6. Tiger Cave Temple

For a good work-out and one beautiful view go to the Tiger Cave Temple! This temple is located on 600m and to get there you need to take about 1200 steps. The best time of the day to visit the Tiger Cave Temple is early morning (around 9 or 10) when it’s not to hot outside.