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Travel Trends for 2017
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5 Travel trends for 2017

Last year was the year of staycations and island breaks, however this year is all about adventure and getting off the beaten trail. Check out this list of travel trends for 2017. 1. Food Tourism Travellers are moving towards a new craze – food tourism! Street food, cultural cooking classes, […]

Kajaking in Thailand
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5 Great Places in the World to do Water Sports

Wаtеr sports enthusiasts whо еnjоу activities likе ѕаiling, yachting, rafting, саnоеing аnd jet skiing and аrе lооking tо take a hоlidау thеmеd оn such асtivitiеѕ will find рlеntу of choices in tеrmѕ of dеѕtinаtiоnѕ. This guidе liѕtѕ fivе of the bеѕt choices for wаtеr sport hоlidауѕ. Tahiti Lосаtеd in Frеnсh […]