Amsterdam City

The 8 Best spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very special and unique city that is on many peoples traveling list with lots of history, a relaxed, free-spirited atmosphere, beautiful canals and architecture. For the 8 best spots in Amsterdam keep reading this article! Fly to Amsterdam from $365!

1. Rijksmuseum

The most famous museum in Amsterdam by far is the Rijksmuseum. It is a huge museum with works of painters like Rembrandt, Hals en Vermeer. The eyecatcher of the Rijksmuseum is the Nachtwacht (Night watch) but there are so many other paintings to be viewed. Because the museum is so big the best thing is to plan at least half a day at the museum.

2. Vondelpark

For some relaxing time the Vondelpark is the place to be. This park is the biggest in the city and very popular among local people too.

3. The Hermitage

No it is not the famous museum in St.Petersburg, Russia but it is an extension of the original Hermitage. This museum opened its doors in 2009 and currently has an exhibition called “the end of the monarchy” about the Romanovs and the Russian Revolution.

4. Amsterdam Museum

If you want to find out more about the history of the city of Amsterdam then this the museum to visit. The entrance is located in a side street of the Kalverstraat which is the shopping street in the city centre!

5. Blue Cafe

A bar with a good view is what you get when you go to the Blue Cafe. It is located in a mall at the end of the Kalverstraat. Usually you pay more for the view but at this cafe that is not the case.

6. Museum Square

One of the best squares in Amsterdam is the Museum Square. There are several popular museums here like the Rijksmuseum and the van Gogh museum. The Vondelpark is near, only a few minutes walk! And you will find the famous I Amsterdam sign here too!

7. Food halls

A fun day in Amsterdam is not complete without eating! For all kinds of foods and a relaxed atmosphere visit the Food Halls on Kinkerstreet, just a few stops from the centre (Take tram nr. 7 or 17 and get out at the stop Bilderdijkstraat).

8. Ons Lieve Heer op Solder

This is a small museum which used to be a church. In the 16th century it was actually forbidden to openly practice any religion other than Catholicism but people were allowed to have churches at home. That is how this church came about and nowadays it is a very interesting museum!


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