Singapore by Night

6 Things You Must Check Out While in Singapore

Lush and tropical Singapore is a place of urban conveniences melded with scenic beauty. It’s incredibly clean, culturally diverse, and full of foodie thrills, not to mention more adventurous ones involving water sports. Oddly, Singapore isn’t as touristy a place as you might imagine a tropical oasis like this would be, so hop on over before everyone else gets wind of how amazing it is. Here are 6 things you should be sure to see when you’re there.

1. Hawker Centers

Food is one of the biggest reasons to visit Singapore, though surely not the only reason. But if you’re a lover of food, Singapore should be on your must-visit list. While in Singapore, you’ll want to head to the food court-like places called Hawker Centers where you can get some of the best tastes of the food here without spending a fortune, including the chili crabs and jumbo garlic prawns.

2. The Singapore Zoo

Most zoos in Asia have terrible reputations, but in Singapore they take great pains to maintain the zoo. It’s clean and the habitats are beautiful. Find the time to feed a giraffe and see one of the animal shows. Bonus tip: stick around after the show to meet the animals or get photos with them. Everyone else is busy heading for the exits so you’ll have the perfect chance!

3. The Singapore Flyer

It boasts the best view of the city and makes for an entertaining adventure. Though stay and linger a while for a fine dining feast at the top. You’ll get to see 360 degrees of Singapore from your table.

4. The Birthplace of the Singapore Sling

When in Singapore, you’ve got to have a Singapore Sling at the very place it was invented. That would be the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. You can get them elsewhere in the city of course, but the original is the best.

5. Haw Par Villa

Looking for free entertainment? Then head here to enjoy a slice of Chinese folklore in dioramic form and gobs of statues too. Make for great stuff to load onto your Instagram feed!

6. Chinatown and Little India

It’s the Asian melting pot so don’t miss out on visiting the areas of Chinatown and Little India. You’ll find authentic cuisine and amazing little trinkets that make for fantastic souvenirs to remember your visit by!

What memories will you make in Singapore?