View of Osaka Castle

6 Incredible Things to See in Japan

The small island country of Japan is known for many things. Beautiful landscapes, artful cuisine, and an incredibly polite culture that will make you feel very welcomed. While it’s a small place, it feels much bigger when you’re in it. You’ll feel very small next to these incredible things to see in Japan!

1. Mount Fuji

It’s first on the list because, well, it’s the tallest of all of Japan’s mountains and is the symbol of Japan. Going to Tokyo? You can see it from there. In the summer, it’s popular for climbing but if you’d rather not exert all that energy, you can still explore it without changing altitude.

2. Itsukushima

Want a truly unique experience? From Hiroshima, enjoy a stunning ferry ride out to Miyajima, and island where you’ll find the Itsukushima Shrine. The building sticks out of the water, and during the high tide, they appear to be floating. Once off the ferry, you can explore it more through the connecting bridges and walkways.

3. Imperial Palace

Much of it is closed off from the public, but this Tokyo landmark still has much to see. The double bridge (Nijubashi Bridge) and stunningly beautiful surrounding parks all make it worth the visit.

4. Fukuoka Castle

Most expats are familiar with Fukuoka because it’s a prime destination for visa runs while out in Asia. It’s also the place where you’ll find a castle that overlooks the Naka River. You’ll get amazing views there as well as from the Fukuoka Tower too.

5. Osaka Castle

Another castle to explore is Osaka Castle. It was destroyed many times and each time, rebuilt with even more glory while still resembling the original which was built in 1586. The views from the top are definitely worth the climb!

6. Don’t Forget Kabuki

And wherever you wind up in Japan, make sure you see kabuki, Japan’s traditional form of entertainment. UNESCO has registered it because it is a cultural and historical form of art. Think of it as an even flashier and more dramatic form of a play. Soap operas have nothing on it!

Since it’s a small country, you can use the bullet trains to get around efficiently and easily, making the most of your experiences to this remarkably gorgeous far and away place!

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