Travel Trends for 2017

5 Travel trends for 2017

Last year was the year of staycations and island breaks, however this year is all about adventure and getting off the beaten trail. Check out this list of travel trends for 2017.

1. Food Tourism

Travellers are moving towards a new craze – food tourism! Street food, cultural cooking classes, guesthouse meals, farm to plate and eating locally are just a few of the foodie holiday activities popular in 2017.

2. Arctic Travel

This year travellers are opting to visit those arctic regions on the brink of extinction. Antarctica cruises, hiking in Greenland and cross country skiing in Norway are just a few of the popular arctic travel options.

3. Ecotourism

Travellers are becoming more responsible in their travel. With this in mind, ecotourism is taking off. Eco-lodges, volunteer holidays and organic farm stays are popular options for the responsible traveller in 2017.

4. Adventure Trips
Whether it’s volcano boarding in Nicaragua, diving with great white sharks in South Africa, or hiking a 6000m mountain in Bolivia, many travellers have decided to skip the relaxing beach getaway, and choose something more challenging and adventurous.

5. Solo Travel

More travellers are deciding to head off and explore the world by themselves. Whether this is for a week, a month or a year, 2017 will see one of the highest percentages of solo travellers exploring the world. For more tips you can read this article about traveling by yourself!

What travel do you have planned for 2017? Does it fit into one of the 2017 travel trends?