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5 Things to Eat While in Korea

Hungry for something different? Head to South Korea where the country is small but the flavors are larger than life. If you’ve never had Korean food before, you might not know what to start with so here is our list of 5 Korean dishes you have to eat while you’re there.

1. Korean BBQ

If you only had time to try one thing in Korea, you don’t want to miss Korean BBQ. You’ll find these restaurants all over the place and you’ll know you’ve arrived when you have a table with a charcoal barbecue grill in the center of it. Koreans always go for samgyeopsal, pork belly, and kalbi, marinated short ribs. They’re the best of the best. Eat them up like a Korean too by wrapping your grilled meats in the accompanying lettuce they trot out to your table along with kimchi and the other side dishes (called banchan). Don’t forget to drink soju (a clear alcohol) or makkeoli (Korean rice wine) with it to complete the experience.

2. Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a classic Korean dish made of rice. In fact, it translates to “mixed rice.” Warm rice is served to you in a warm bowl with an artful arrangement of veggies and that now-trending spicy Korean chili pepper paste called gochujang. It’s topped with an egg. You’re to mix it together to blend all the ingredients before digging in.

3. Bulgogi

You may have heard of this famed Korean dish. It’s marinated beef in a sauce that’s both sweet and savory, cooked in a pan with vegetables like carrots and onions. It is a favorite for a reason so don’t miss it!

4. Kimchi

This iconic Korean side dish will be served to you at every meal so you better get to know it. Traditionally, it’s a fermented cabbage dish though you will also see it made with things like cucumbers, radishes, or garlic which are just as delicious.

5. Sannakji

And finally, for the fearless, there’s sannakji. It’s a small octopus that is served to you completely raw. They cut it into little pieces which wiggle around on your plate. The texture of it is incredible though and it tastes better than you would think, however many find they need a little liquid courage before embarking on this tasting journey. Would you try it?

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