Skyline of Shanghai

5 Things to Amaze You in Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s financial Mecca, a cosmopolitan city unlike any of the other big cities on the mainland. With its famous skyline and luxurious appointments, you’ll love it here, even if it is a bit on the pricey side. It’s especially incredible when you visit other cities in China and then come to Shanghai. Mind blown. Here are 5 things you’ll find amazing here.

1. The cleanliness

Mainland Chinese cities don’t usually stand out for being clean. Quite the opposite. So it’s refreshing to walk along the streets here and see the great efforts they make to keep it looking clean.

2. The Bund

This is the most famous place in all of Shanghai and you simply can’t come to this city without going here. Stroll along the Huangpu River or even take a cruise on it while getting plenty of photos in front of that amazing skyline. All around this area, you’ll find fantastic though pricey restaurants, cafes and bars, but they’re worth the splurge. Rooftop bars in this area also make for great places to get a bird’s eye view of the area.

3. The soup dumplings

Shanghai is home to soup dumplings, or xiaolong bao as they are called. Unlike other dumplings (called jiaozi), these are filled with a delightful broth. They’re served with a large soup spoon so you can bite into them without losing any of the soup.

4. The sophisticated air

Some people go to China and are shocked when they come to Shanghai and see how ultra-modern, efficient and convenient it is. Shanghai isn’t like any place else though so you will find that villager-farm-vibe happening in other places. And even though there are a lot of ancient things amidst the contemporary ones, it’s still light years ahead of most cities in the world.

5. The amount of things to see

You probably didn’t expect a place like Shanghai to be boring, but you won’t believe how much there is to do here. It has big theater productions, operas, concerts, dining, shopping, museums, the Shanghai Zoo and so much more. You can enjoy this city with someone special, navigate it solo, go with a group of friends, or even make a family trip of it.

Shanghai is a place for every traveler, plus it’s very foreigner-friendly making it easy to find your way around even if you’ve never been to China before. In fact, parts of it look like the Big Apple so you’re bound to feel right at home.