Small and useful items to take on your travels

5 Small but useful Travel items

When i think about packing for my travels i always think about the bigger things first: my clothes, shoes/flipflops, laptop, camera, maybe a sleeping bag, what to bring for a towel. But what about the small useful travel items that can make a huge difference while traveling? Here you can find the 5 items i never forget to pack when i go traveling.


I always take locks with me (TSA approved is the best if you fly frequently) when i travel. A lot of the hostels i stay in have lockers (i try to only book hostels with lockers) but you need your own locks for those.

Hooks shaped in an S

In hostels there aren’t always hooks to hang you stuff on but with these S-shaped hooks you don’t need that. You can attach these hooks to your bed (most hostels have bunkbeds) and you can hang pretty much anything from it. I always use them for my laundry to dry!

Knitting bag

One of the things i always take with me is a small knitting bag. It’s just a bag with some small needles, yarn and scissors, you can easily put it together yourself but you can also buy in a store.
Just make sure it’s all in small sizes!


Handgel comes in small packages, very easy to bring on your trip! It isn’t always possible to wash your hands especially in certain countries (like Asian and Eastern European countries) but with handgel you don’t really have worry. I take it with me on planes, trains, busses and all other places i go to!

Collapsible travelbags

When i go traveling i always take at least one collapsible bag (10-15 liters) with me, a bag you can use as a small backpack and one you can easily store away in your (main) backpack. Most of the time i use this collapsible bag for my food when i have a travel day (by train, bus, etc) or when i go hiking and want to keep it light!