5 Reasons to visit Nicaragua

Don’t make the mistake that most travellers do, and overlook Nicaragua and head for it’s popular neighbor, Costa Rica. Nicaragua has it all and more – here are 5 reasons to visit this country!

1. The People

Nicaraguans are extremely friendly and welcoming people – perhaps the friendliest people in Latin America. Enjoy friendly conversation with locals and learn about the amazing history of the country, while you enjoy a tona beer and some gallo pinto with plantain.

2. The Biodiversity

Biodiversity in this beautiful country is largely untouched, providing some of the most natural wildlife encounters. Nicaragua is home to plenty of endemic bird species, flora and even the Nicaraguan lion.

3. The Beaches

Sandy beaches, great snorkelling, amazing surfing – the beaches in Nicaragua provide something for everyone. The country is also home to Ometepe Island, the largest island-in-a-lake in the world, and home to some stunning beaches, and awesome kayaking.

4. Safe with a low crime rate

Perhaps not what you expect from a Central American country, but the country is surprisingly safe, with the lowest crime rate in Central America.

5. Less Touristic

Unlike nearby Costa Rica and Panama, tourism in Nicaragua is still relatively new. Though cities such as Granada are targeted for tourists, it’s still very easy to get off the tourist trail, and experience the real culture and hospitality of the country.

So what are you waiting for? Book your holiday to Nicaragua and find out for yourself what makes this country so special.

Fly from the US to Nicaragua: return tickets starting at $335
And from Europe to Nicaragua: starting at $650