Cheap flights

The 5 Cheapest European Airlines

The most expensive part of traveling is flying. That’s why cheap flights are a must for travellers like us! Here you find the 5 Cheapest european airlines you can use if you’re traveling on a budget!

1. Ryanair

Probably the best known European budget airline. Ryanair has flights from United Kingdom to Southern, Eastern and Northern Europe for bottom prices starting around $12 (one way).

2. Wizzair

This Hongarian Airline is the budget airline to Eastern Europe. You can fly cheap from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, like Poland, Hungary or Romania. Prices start around $10 for one way!

3. EasyJet

If you’re in England and you want to fly to Spain then EasyJet is one of the cheapest airlines you’ll find (together with Ryanair). They also have flights to Italy, Germany, Croatia and other countries as well as some island Spanish Islands like Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Lanzarote. You can fly as cheap as $10 for one way!

4. Eurowings

For long distance flying from Europe to the US or Asia (or the other way around), Eurowings is a good option. You’ll find cheap flights from Cologne (Germany) to Boston, Bangkok or Phuket. You pay extra for a seat reservation and checked-in luggage but the prices are low. I’ve flown with Eurowings from Cologne to Boston and back for about €365 (including checked-in luggage, seat reservation and 2 meals). Make sure you book 2-3 months in advance for the best deal!

5. Norwegian

Another budget airline for long distance flying. With Norwegian you’re able to fly from Oslo (or Stockholm) to Bangkok for low prices and as of this season there’s a new route: London-Singapore!

Keep in Mind

1. The cheapest way of traveling is with handluggage only. With all the budget airlines you have to pay extra for checked-in luggage.
2. Reserving your seat is going to cost you more. Again a basic flight with a budget airline doesn’t include a seat reservation!
3. For the best deals it’s best to book 2-3 months in advance. Don’t buy the first ticket you come across but do some research first.