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The 5 most beautiful train journeys in Europe

Train travel is a nice way to explore Europe: easy and fast. In western Europe trains are more expensive but you can buy a European Rail pass which makes train travel in Europe relatively cheap. These 5 train journeys in Europe are must do travel experience!

1. Oslo-Bergen

One of the most beautiful train rides in Europe you will find in Norway. Take the train from the capital city Oslo to Bergen. Along the way you will see snowy mountains, icy rivers and waterfalls. Especially the Myrdal area is stunning. In Myrdal you can take a train to Flam, this train route is named the Flambahn.

2. Sarajevo-Mostar

If you’re ever in Bosnia and you want to go from Sarajevo to Mostar (or the other way) take the train! You will follow the track through the mountains and you will see the most blue/greenish rivers in the country! Trains in Bosnia don’t run to often: this train only runs in the morning around 7 and in the evening around 6!

3. Jesenice-Nova Gorica

See the most stunning nature of Slovenia in the northwest of the country. There is a train that runs from Jesenice to Nova Gorica that passes Lake Bled and the Soca river, the most beautiful area of Slovenia if you ask me.

4. Bernina Express: Tirano-St. Moritz

One of the most beautiful train routes in Europe is the Bernina Express. This train runs from Tirano in Italy to St. Moritz in Switzerland. You will see high snowy mountains, some gletsjers and lakes! The landscape is amazing.

5. Belgrade-Bar

The beginning and the end of this route are not that special but the middle part is why this train journey has a place in this top 5. Take the daytrain from Belgrade to Bar (or the other way around) and see some spectacular views on the mountains around the border of Serbia and Montenegro.

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