Travel essentials

10 Travel Essentials you can’t travel without

Traveling starts with many ideas and plans including what to pack! Some products are just so useful you can’t travel without them. Find out the 10 travel essentials here!

1. Earplugs

A must have on your trip. Earplugs can save you a lot of frustration and give you a good nights rest. You’ll probably won’t need earplugs too often but if you ever encounter a loud snorer you’ll be happy you packed them!

2. S-shaped hooks

These hooks are small but useful. While traveling you won’t always have places to hang your stuff but with the s-shaped hooks you can hang everything on your bunkbed. Also useful when you clean your clothes and underwear and you need a place to dry.

3. Collapsible bag

One of my favorite essentials is the collapsible backpack. If you don’t need it you can fold it into a small package and put it in your bag. I usually use this kind of bag for food and drinks on my travel day so i can bring it as handlugage.

4. Sewing kit

A must for the real travelers is a sewing kit. I always bring one, just a small bag with some needles and yarn, small scissors and some buttons. I don’t use it too much but I bring it with me every trip.

5. Handgel

Handgel is something I never leave of my packing list, it’s the first thing that goes into my bag. I often take two bottles with me, one in my backpack and one as handlugage.

6. Shampoo bar

Instead of liquid shampoo I bring a shampoo bar, basically soap for your hair. The best thing is it’s small and you can use it for a long time, some years even. Today you find them anywhere, like on Amazon!

7. Locks

Normally hostels have lockers but you’ll need your own locks so always bring a few! Buy the TSA approved locks in case you use one on your luggage and it gets searched.

8. Liquid laundry detergent

Before every trip I buy liquid laundy detergent, one you can use in cold water too. When you’re traveling you don’t always have access to warm water but you still want to wash them even if you don’t have an washing machine to your disposal.

9. Climbing hooks

These hooks are not meant for climbing but they are so useful for traveling. You can hook you shoes, flipflops of water bottle to your bag with these kind of climbing hooks.

10. Wet wipes

Especially nice if you have long travel days and you don’t have a space to clean up a bit. I use the wet wipes for my hands and face, very refreshing! I bring multiple small packages with me as handlugage.

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